Our 'Face of Rock Lobster' video has landed!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The wait is over - you can at last watch our Christmas video following the Free Radio 'Face of Rock Lobster' competition.And even better, you can shop all the jewellery that she used right here,
We are so pleased with the final result, the production team at Free Radio worked very hard and you can tell - the clothes look amazing, the jewellery is sparkling and the video is spectacular!

Her first look is inside the coffee shop, as she is dressed casual, we wanted her jewellery to highlight her relaxed, every-day style. We picked the newest collection by Fei Liu, not only because they shimmer in the light but also because these pieces will get you in the Christmas cheer in no time. Chlobo bracelets, for us, are an essential when talking laid-back styles, so it was a no-brainer picking this wonderful heart stack for her to wear on her travels around town. Lastly, we let her fingers do the talking with these two lovely CZ rings, you can't beat that sparkle!

Gold Chlobo Collection | Nikki Lissoni Coin Bracelet | Thomas Sabo Charm Bracelet
Nikki Lissoni Gold Pendant | Surrounded By Hearts Coin | Nikki Lissoni Pyrite Necklace | Engelsrufer Wing |  
Engelsrufer Gold Pendant | Engelsrufer Chain | Thomas Sabo Hoops
Thomas Sabo Karma Beads | Thomas Sabo Watch
Another scene, a whole lot of new jewellery! With the video, we wanted to show how our jewellery can be used and styled in so many different ways, which is why we picked up the colours in this scene with bright turquoise colours and gold. Starting with the bling on Rhiannon's arms, we went with gold Chlobo bracelets, a turquoise Chlobo hamsa hand bracelet, a fun and quirky Thomas Sabo turquoise bracelet and a big chunky Nikki Lissoni coin bracelet - the tip behind this perfect bracelet stack is to start from the biggest and finish with the smallest. A Nikki Lissoni pendant and coin seemed appropiate for this shopping scene due to its very fashionable nature, and when paired with the Engelsrufer Turquoise necklace and gold pendant, you get an unbeatable duo. For earrings, we chose the Thomas Sabo Karma hoops and the Howlite karma beads to tie the whole outfit together, the best thing about this range is that you can mix and match with all the different karma beads depending on your moods or outfits! And we can't forget her watch, an iconic Rose Gold Thomas Sabo leather watch in white.

Fei Liu Cascade Bangle | Jorge Revilla Earrings (exclusively instore)
This scene is the best part - the engagement proposal! So obviously, our first thought was glam - we picked out very bold, casual, but glamorous looks for Rhiannon, which is why Uno De 50 was our first thought - we picked the Grey tremendous ring is a go-to statement ring because it simply goes with everything, paired with the 'Living la vida loca' bracelet and the Glass Balling necklace to tie everything together. On the other hand, we have the ever shiny Fei Liu Cascade Collection, you will definitely dazzle wearing the ring and bracelet combo! Lastly, these Jorge Revilla earrings add a touch of colour to this look.

Drop CZ Earrings | Graceful Dance Necklace and Bracelet (exclusively instore)
This last scene will take your breath away, the dress is exquisite!
We did not want to go over the top with the jewellery here as the dress alone looks gorgeous but we did want that extra look of sophistication, so we paired some circle CZ drop earrings with a matching shiny necklace and bracelet - a very feminine and delicate look to go for the happy ending in this video!

Watch the video here
and enter the Free Radio competition by answering questions over here, you could win £250 to spend with us!

Lots of love, Rock Lobster.

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